Conveyor Control and Logic Setup for Production lines

We provide the following services regarding Conveyor Control Logic's.

1. Ensure that all accumulations are utilized for effective line control.

2. Audit the stop and start control of the conveyors during production.

3. Setup the conveyor Logic's to ensure efficient control System guaranteed.

4. Upgrade existing conveyor control systems by design, manufacture, plc programming, installation and commissioning of the system.

5. Provide Electrical drawings for the conveyor installation.

6. Ensure that all field I/O's are labelled, and in working order.

7. Install HMI operating systems linked with a PLC for one point operations and diagnostics.

8. Ensure safe operation and integrated safety system in the hardware and software.

9. Software backup of HMI, PLC and Frequency Inverters

10. Technical support on PFC “pressure less flow combiners and Glideliners”

11. We specialice with Profibus faultfinding and corrections Siemens PLC's